Mock Drill

Residential Fire Sprinklers Los Angeles

Orange County fire protection services, a renowned agency provides mock drill services with the intention of calculating the culture of preparedness. One cannot prevent fire hazards from occurring but they can be prevented from being a disaster incident. Therefore, mock drills or exercises are significant so that the occupants can protect themselves in case of a fire incident. Even damage to property could be minimized. Edison Fire provides mock drill training to employees in an industrial setup and for occupants in a residential society. The fire safety experts provide the mock drill training with the following objectives:

  • To train the employees, occupants, and staff to deal with any unforeseen fire incidence
  • To evacuate safely in case of a fire hazard
  • To give insights on life saving and rescue techniques
  • To assess the efficacy of fire disaster management plan
  • To assess the roles and responsibilities of authority, fire warden, and fire marshal

The fire safety experts of this company provide mock drill training as per the standard operating procedure as recommended by the city. It is conducted through a simulation kind of activity. By doing so, it is ensured that everybody understands the evacuation procedures. Moreover, the participants are assessed in terms of responding to fire hazards. The scope of mock drill revolves around:

  • How to raise the alarm
  • Way to evacuate
  • Safe assembly point
  • Fire fighting skill
  • Post drill briefing

As a fire protection company in Los Angeles, it provides mock drill training to industries, hotels, malls, commercial buildings and residential buildings. The cost of conducting mock exercise is minimal but a great tool to save property thousands of dollars. It is a prevent and prepare exercise to avoid a tragic situation. The actual cost of damage is very huge but it can be avoided. The benefit of mock drill training is that employees and the stakeholders can coordinate in a better way to tackle the fire crisis.

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