Fire Protection Training

Fire Alarm System in Los Angeles

Emergencies, in general, are unexpected events. It always involves risks to life and infrastructure. Therefore, the need for an emergency response team arises to provide prompt and speedy services. An emergency response team comprises a group of trained people having the potential to deal with any emergency situation like fire in the workplace. They have the responsibility to ensure the safety of employees by evacuating them while minimizing the consequences.

Every industry should have its emergency team and their preparedness matters between life and death. This team must be trained at regular intervals so that they can handle any emergency situation. Keeping this aspect in mind, Los Angeles fire protection services provide emergency response training with the following objectives:

  • To protect life
  • To protect property
  • To protect the environment


Mostly, industries are prone to internal emergencies. It could arise due to smoke or fire or chemical spill. Even overloading of electrical equipment and unsafe storage of combustion materials could lead to fire incidentes. Considering these liabilities, Edison Fire provides Fire Protection Training & Fire Safety Training so that critical assets of the industries could be protected. It provides insights on the way to follow legal compliance. As a result, business reputation gets enhanced. At the same time, the training program helps in creating fire safety awareness.

Again, it is ensured that emergency processes and resources are in place so that the team can respond effectively. Our experts will provide training on emergency needs to the concerned team and develop emergency response plans after assessing the premise/plants. To meet these requirement, our experts will conduct a fire audit. By doing so, the liability could be identified and an emergency response plan could be put in place to implement.

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