Fire Safety for Chemical Hazard

Fire Extinguisher Service in Orange County ,ca

Any chemicals that are used for work activities possess a certain amount of risks. A systematic approach must be implemented while using chemicals. Begining from the management level to the employees, they should be aware of the potential hazards and safety precautions while using chemicals. In order to counter hazards, there must be adequate precautionary measures in place such as extinguishing agents and fire fighting equipment. Fire sprinkler Santa Monica Ca, a prominent fire safety service provider like Edison Fire Protection deals with fire fighting equipment like sprinkler and fire alarm. Additionally, it provides training to employees working with hazardous chemicals in the industry.

A lot of precautionary steps need to be taken and the experts at Edison Fire advocate regarding:

  • Fire fighting measures
  • Measure for accidental release of chemicals
  • Handling and storage of chemicals
  • Exposure control
  • Personal protection
  • Safe chemical transportation, etc.


  • Engineering control measures
  • Separation of incompatible chemicals
  • Dealing with chemical spillage
  • Safe disposal of chemicals
  • Use of non-sparking tools
  • Display of appropriate signs
  • Means of exit plans

All these practices revolve around the fact of eliminating and minimizing fire risks and explosions.

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