Fire Safety First Aid

First aid

First aid is the immediate care given to the injured victims or sudden illness of a person before receiving treatment by a qualified doctor. The aim of providing first aid is to preserve life, assist in recovery, prevent aggravation, and minimize complications. As per the health and safety regulations, employers at the workplace must ensure the injured employees get immediate attention. The first aider has the responsibility to assess the situation quickly and provide first aid treatment.

If a fire incident takes place at the workplace for any reason, the incident will surely leave many employees with burn injuries which could be minor or severe. Some employees out of panic might get a heart attack. These are the instances that require immediate care. Otherwise, slight negligence might lead to the death. In certain industries, the designated first aiders meet the emergency need before the injured employees are taken to the hospital. It could be by giving CPR or treating the burn or treating bleeding parts.

There are certain industries that are lacking first aiders. In this scenario, it is better for the employees to get trained themselves on first aid. The reason, the employees are the first responders. If the employees are not prepared to meet the emergency medical need, it will cost lives. Considering this need, fire protection companies in Los Angeles provide first aid equipment. This is how a safer workplace can be created. Orange County fire protection service provides first aid with the intention of rescuing and preserving life.

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