Fire Hazard Prevention

Hazard is defined as a source or situation with a potential for harm in terms of injury or ill health, damage to property, the workplace environment, or a combination of these. Risk is a combination of the likelihood and the consequence(s) of a specified hazardous event occurring. Combinedly hazard identification and risk assessment is also known as HIRA that involves a process of defining and describing hazards by characterizing their probability, frequency and severity and evaluating adverse consequences, including potential losses and injuries.

The experts at Edison Fire Protection Company carries out fire hazard identification and risk assessment for industries with the following objectives:

  • Reviewing potential fire hazards involving building, employees, and operation methods
  • Identifying the existing safeguards for fire control
  • Recommending control measures for minimizing the fire risk

While conducting a fire risk assessment, the experts look into errors that lead to fire incidents. The error could arise from a machine or material or method used at the workplace. A small error could lead to adverse consequences. Therefore, it is important that the factors that cause fires can be identified and control measures are put in place. Let’s have a look at hazard identification techniques used by the experts in the following:
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  • Workplace inspection
  • Accident investigation
  • Consultation with management
  • Review of fire injury reports
  • Monitoring the environment
  • Safety audit

The advantage of conducting a hazard identification and risk assessment is that employees and management will get peace of mind thatfire related injuries get reduced. Thus, the loss of working days to fire injury also gets reduced. Also, the premium of paying compensation to injured employees also gets reduced. This leads to an increase in productivity and creates a positive image for the company. After all, hazard identification and risk assessment is a tool for saving life and property. This service is provided to hazardous industries like chemical, plastic, and manufacturing. Nonetheless, other industries could hire Los Angeles fire protection service to make sure their working place is fireproof.

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