Fire Accident Investigation

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The accident investigation is about identifying the root causes of a fire accident so that it could be prevented from recurrence in the future. If there is any such incident in the past, employers are trained to avoid any recurring accidents. There could be so many reasons which is need to be verified by conducting an accident investigation. Edison Fire provides professional fire accident investigation services to industries and real estate companies. By investigating, a chain of events leading to a fire accident could be revealed. The investigation is carried out by finding the facts rather than passing the buck.

We have expert investigators who have the expertize to collect relevant information by making onsite visits and asking questions to management and employees. The information is collected through a checklist of questions. Physical evidence is also gathered. After collecting the information, they are reviewed and analyzed. The analysis gives the clue that what leads to fire incidents. Accordingly, fire control measures are recommended. If the recommended measures are implemented in the right perspective, the employers will notice the difference of fire incidence. Actually, the accident investigation acts as a tool, not for the sheer investigation. Rather, it creates awareness among the employees. It changesto a positive behavior toward workplace safety.
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The advantage of conducting a fire accident investigation is that it leads to a safer working environment. The employees feel safe at the workplace which in return will improve productivity. The rate of fire accident post investigation is almost reduced, and the loss of industries are minimized.

It is recommended that the industries that have witnessed fire related incidents hire accident investigation services. This service is very much helpful in tracing the failure at the workplace, andsaves lives and properties.

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