How Often Should Fire Extinguishers Be Serviced?

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Fire Extinguisher Service in Sacramento, Ca is a critical part of any emergency response plan, but they won’t do you any good if they are outdated or malfunctioning. That’s why it’s important to inspect your fire extinguishers regularly and replace them when necessary. This can be done by conducting monthly inspections and replacing them every year. However, some states have adopted the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) 10 standard, which requires that all fire extinguishers be inspected annually.

How Often is Maintenance Required?

NFPA 10 requires extinguishers to be inspected when they are installed and once a month after that. You should inspect extinguishers more frequently if installed in locations that are more prone to rust, impact or tampering.

If you have a fire extinguisher, service it every year. Whether it’s been used or not, because they contain chemicals that degrade over time.

Monthly checks require a visual inspection. We check that the equipment is in good operating order, no obstacles impede its operation, and the gauge indicates sufficient canister pressure.

Save Lives By Preventing Fire Extinguisher Failure

It’s important to keep your fire extinguishers in good condition, as they could save lives. When a fire breaks out, you can expect people will panic and look for an exit. If the Fire Extinguisher Service in Los Angeles, ca is not working properly, it could worsen matters.

We provide a monthly inspection , Fire Extinguisher Recharge Los Angeles & maintenance service program which includes:

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the device to make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the cylinder or hose.
  • A hydrostatic test that determines whether there are any problems with the seals on your equipment.
  • An internal pressure check where our technicians will determine if there are any leaks around the discharge valve assembly.
  • Replacement of any damaged parts.

We also provide documentation that can be used as proof of compliance with local codes. In addition to checking the pressure level in each fire extinguisher, we clean them, so they’re ready for emergency use if needed. Our technicians are trained in safe handling practices and understand how important it is to keep these products working properly.

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