Conventional Fire Alarm System – Addressable Fire Alarm System

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It’s amazing how rapidly a fire can circulate. A competent sprinkler system can help hinder a fire’s growth as well as help reduce destruction.

 Fire Sprinkler Services  Anaheim


The recent pandemic is putting new pressures and stresses on everyone. You may be more intently concentrated than ever before on keeping your business safe and competent, or concerned about how to do that with social distancing regulations in place. When we emerge in a new normal, we can help you be readied to reassure your consumers and employees that you are working hard to help conserve their health and safety. We’re standing by with 24/7 support, important fire protection services and digital proof of work that lessens touch points and the number of dealers you require to have in your business.

Fire SprinklerAnaheim systems are subject to corrosion, alarm faults, and other abnormalities.  Only with regular supervision can you assure that a fire sprinkler Anaheim system will perform at its tremendous time of need.  We can maintain, test, and repair problems correlated with your sprinkler system.

The death tolls from business facility fires are far greater than deaths resulting from residential fires.  Has your business’s risk management developed a sound fire protection strategy?  Without one, an organization can lose precious property and endanger lives. Edison  Fire Protection company is an excellent provider of fire sprinkler Anaheim protection services, fire training, and fire extinguishers for businesses in Anaheim.  Since 1976, we have partnered with southern Californian businesses in conserving the lives of their employees, their property, and their communities. Edison Fire Protection offers an experienced service that works in accord with your company’s fire protection strategy.  Take a look at some of the services we can furnish for your Anaheim company.

Emergency Exit Lighting

When fires erupt, electric systems are among the first to cease to function.  Furthermore, smoke impedes vision and can easily flummox people inside buildings.  We can set up emergency lighting that can help staff find their way to safety during fires.

Fire Extinguisher Training Classes

Want to make sure your workers understand how to use a fire extinguisher?  We do too!  We host live interactive training classes that will educate anyone to be ready to use an extinguisher when the time calls for it.

Edison Fire Protection company. offers a full range of fire sprinkler Anaheim services and products.  We are a leading fire protection service provider throughout the southern California counties.  We have over 40 years of creativity in fire training and protection.  Edison Fire Protection company is committed to the continual safety of the citizens of southern California.

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