6 Tips to Prevent Wildfires

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If you live near the forest, it’s essential to know how to prevent forest fires. Wildfires are a natural part of the ecosystem, but they can quickly get out of control and become disastrous. The National Fire Protection Association has identified the top causes of wildfires: Here are six tips for preventing forest fires:

Check The Weather And The Drought Situation

Fire experts recommend checking weather and drought conditions before doing anything that could spark a wildfire. You can check for fire danger, bans, and restrictions or even just ask your neighbors to verify the conditions in your area. If you’re planning to use fireworks on Independence Day, know what the laws are in your state.

Build Your Campfire In An Open Location

When camping, never build your campfire in a place that is not open. Always make sure there is nothing flammable nearby. You should also ensure that the fire is far away from your tent or cabin. Fire can spread quickly and easily, so it’s essential to take extra precautions when building fires around these areas.

Put Out Your Campfire Until It’s Completely Out

Your campfire should be cold to touch before leaving. If you want to walk away from your campfire, make sure that it is entirely out by dousing it with water, then covering it with dirt or sand. When choosing what to do with a fire that has been left unattended, keep in mind that the safest options are: 1) Dousing the fire until it’s cold; 2) Calling 911 immediately; 3) Using a garden hose on low pressure; 4) Using a shovel full of dirt over the fire  5) Avoiding any other activity that could spread sparks into dry vegetation nearby.

Regularly Maintain Your Equipment And Vehicle

Make sure to keep a shovel, bucket, and fire extinguisher in your vehicle to put out fires. Vehicles and equipment, especially those not regularly maintained, can produce sparks from their exhaust. Regularly maintaining your equipment and vehicle can help prevent wildfires. For example, if you have a brush-clearing vehicle, check the undercarriage for debris that may catch on fire and ensure the tires are in good condition.

Keep Sparks Away From Dry Vegetation

  • Don’t leave campfires unattended.
  • Don’t burn trash, such as cardboard or paper.
  • Don’t burn painted or treated wood (such as a porch swing).
  • Don’t burn leaves, pine needles, twigs, or other plant material while they’re still attached to the tree or bush. These materials create embers that can quickly jump from the fire pit and start new fires nearby—even if you think it’s out!
  • Never light a fire during high winds. Wind gusts can carry sparks up to one-third of a mile away into dry vegetation; they also blow the smoke away from your site and toward other areas where fires may develop later.

Check Conditions And Regulations Before You Use Fireworks

Check with local authorities to see if it is legal to use fireworks in your area, and check with them if burning firecrackers are allowed. With the proper knowledge, preventing forest fires is possible. However, fires are, at times, started through no fault of the person, and they can happen during electrical outages or lightning strikes in tinder-dry grasses and trees. When these conditions exist, we should be aware of them to work together to keep future fires under control.
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